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Post Super Bowl Pizza promotion offered by Papa Johns

February 8, 2011 by Michelle  
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Papa John’s have decided to extend their pizza promotions following last weekend’s Super Bowl by launching the Toppings for Touchdowns special offer.

The pizza giant is offering customers from February 7-9th who buy a large pizza from their regular menu, the chance to add seven different toppings for no extra cost, the same number of toppings as touchdowns scored on Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl has been great for business in the US with all of the major pizza chains vying for a slice of the action by launching exclusive discounts especially for the popular sporting event.

Papa John’s decided to not advertise during the commercial break, when the Fox TV network charges as much as $3 million for 30 seconds airtime, and instead opted to push their brand via pizza promotions.

In the 45 days leading up to the big event, Papa John’s were offering any large pizza with an unlimited number of toppings for just $10, plus the pizza experts were giving away $45 gift cards to customers at various intervals during the build up to the match.

The current Papa John’s Super Bowl pizza offer is valid until February 9th and is available to all online orders in the US, so get ordering now to make the most of the exclusive Toppings for Touchdowns offer.

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