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Policeman poses as pizza delivery man to foil robbers

September 16, 2011 by Michelle  
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A pair of robbers who’d been targeting pizza delivery drivers in the Rhode Island area in the US had a surprise when they attempted another robbery, only to discover the pizza delivery man was in fact a plain clothed police officer.

The A-1 pizza store in Rhode Island had reported several incidents in which their delivery men were being targeted and robbed in a specific area of the town. The police decided to carry out a sting operation, posing as the delivery man they next time a call came in for a takeaway pizza to be delivered in the Newport area of Rhode Island.

An unmarked police car had an A-1 pizza sign posted on its roof, and the policeman driver dressed in the pizza parlour’s uniform to make the call. Another two plain closed officers hide in the back seat of the car for back up.

Two men aged 17 years and 30-years-old were arrested when they attempted to rob the officer dressed as a pizza delivery worker. One of the robbers was reported to be carrying a BB gun in the waistband of his trousers. The duo were described as “shocked” to discover that they’d attempted to attack a police officer disguised in the pizza store uniform.

The two men were arrested on the spot and are awaiting charges.

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