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Pizzeria refuses to serve customers who don’t order pizzas

October 5, 2011 by Michelle  
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A pizzeria in Ealing has hit the headlines this week after the co-owner of the restaurant refused to serve a party of four because only two of the diners ordered pizzas.

Angelo Ambrosio, who part owns the business, asked the group of diners to leave after they placed an eclectic order, comprising of several drinks, both alcoholic and soft drinks, side orders, including salads, but only two pizzas. The Italian pizza owner said it was his establishment’s “policy” that all diners should order a pizza each, and if they don’t fulfil this minimum requirement, they can leave.

Another diner at the Ealing restaurant pointed out that the monetary value of the group’s order was equal to an order of four pizzas, to which Mr Ambrossio stated that he wasn’t concerned over the cost of the order, but he wanted his diners to order a pizza each as he is passionate about the food.

Even when the diner explained that she was on a diet and therefore decided to opt for a healthier choice from the menu as a salad, the pizzeria boss stuck to his policy rules and informed her that she shouldn’t have come to a pizza restaurant if she was on a diet.

The pizzeria runs a no booking policy, and so with room to accommodate just 16 diners at a time, customers often have a lengthy wait for a table. The group of four who were asked to leave had reportedly been waiting an hour for a table before they were refused service.

The Santa Maria Pizzeria has a great reputation for delicious pizzas, gaining a mention in the BBC’s Alternative Restaurant Awards recently, but whether the high standard of the food warrants a minimum pizza order per table is very much a matter of opinion.

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