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Pizza takeaway in Birmingham out to snare £1k crook

October 15, 2010 by kate  
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The pizza thief used stolen credit cards to place online orders

An online pizza delivery company in Birmingham have called in the police after a fraudster has made away with £1,000 worth of pizza over the course of the last year by placing online orders using stolen credit cards.

The thief, realising he was onto a good thing, was placing orders up to the value of £100 a time seven days a peak at the peak of his thieving spree. The crook would rack up orders including several pizzas, plus kebabs and even alcoholic drinks.

The orders would be delivered to empty buildings in run down areas of the city. Different addresses were used on each occasion.

It wasn’t until the staff came to process the payment and found the cards were blocked that the takeaway realised they’d been robbed. Because the crook would always pay online prior to the delivery, there was no need for the delivery driver to meet the person who’d placed the order.

The pizza thief has been nicknamed Robin Hood as it’s believed he has links to Nottingham.

Once the fraudster realised the takeaway company were onto him, he ceased his pizza scam for a few months, only to start up again recently. The pizza takeaway service has been left approximately £1,000 out of the pocket as they have to take the loss for the failed card payments.

The Birmingham based pizza delivery firm have now called in the police in order to prevent the pizza robber from getting away with any more freebies.


One Response to “Pizza takeaway in Birmingham out to snare £1k crook”
  1. Simon says:

    Sounds to me like some basic security checks weren’t even taking place!

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