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Pizza shop owner fights back against false rumours damaging his business

November 18, 2011 by Ian  
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The owner of a pizza takeaway shop in Sunderland has spoken out after false rumours circulating on social networks have started having a negative impact on his business.

Mohsen Hussein is the owner of Pizza Uno and Dixy Chicken in Sunderland and says he’s noted a 50% drop in business since vindictive rumours were started on social network websites implying that the two takeaways were to be shut down because of poor hygiene and that bodily fluids were being used in food served at the outlets.

Businessman Mr Hussein says the rumours are categorically untrue and he believes the lies were started purposely by someone attempting to sabotage his businesses. Because the stories were started online, it’s been an impossible task to find out where the rumours originated from and who was responsible for starting them.

The pizza store owner believes the stories first began after he advertised how the pizza takeaway and the Dixy Chicken store had both received a 5 star hygiene rating from Sunderland County Council following an inspection, the highest score possible to obtain.

Since the allegations started flying around online, customers have been steering clear of Pizza Uno which was known for being one of the busiest pizza stores in Sunderland. Mr Hussein wants to set the record straight on the false stories before it starts to have a lasting effect on his business. If customers continue to stay away, the 25 staff who are employed across the two takeaways could find their jobs in jeopardy.

Pizza takeaway owner Mr Hussein says he’s been deeply upset by the rumours which are completely unfounded, but is working to try to overcome the false allegations and get his business back on track.

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