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Pizza Hut turns the cameras on their workers for new US ad campaign

September 23, 2010 by limohuw  
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Pizza Hut have changed tact in their recent advertising campaign in the US by moving away from focusing on deals and discounts, and instead more towards the experience of dining at a Pizza Hut restaurant.

Under the tagline “Your Favourites. Your Pizza Hut.” The pizza giant has turned to its employees from its stores across America to feature in their latest marketing campaign

8 Pizza hut workers were chosen out of hundreds of applicants to appear in the adverts to become the faces and voices of the global chain. Ranging from 17 years of age to 29, from a cheerleader to a father of four, the ads feature a broad cross-section of individuals in order to appeal to the widest range of clientele.

 The 8 featured employees were whittled down after hundreds of workers sent in videos of themselves in which they shared their Pizza Hut stories. This feeds into the new direction the brand has taken with the campaign. Instead of focusing on discounts, the marketing targets the emotional connection with food and dining at a Pizza Hut restaurant.

The high profile advertising campaign is being supported by marketing on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as videos posted on YouTube.

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