Pizza Hut tops Google Zeitgeist poll for most searched restaurant

Pizza Hut has topped the annual Google Zeitgeist poll for the US this year after it received more online searches through the search engine than any other food provider. Pizza Hut was closely followed by home pizza deliver experts Domino’s Pizza and Papa John’s in the list which was revealed last week.

The annual 11th Google Zeitgeist list charts the most searched for terms on the search engine throughout the last year, with Pizza Hut coming in first place for the food industry for US searches, with Domino’s and Papa John’s as runners up, while Starbuck and McDonalds came were placed in fourth and fifth place respectively which demonstrates that the pizza market has been especially buoyant in 2011 as the top three restaurants are all pizza related.

While pizza was the hot topic on search engines for American Google users, the trend was also evident in Mexico, Germany and Singapore where pizza related searches were also found to be topping the annual poll.

Another fast food provider, KFC, also made a splash online this year in New Zealand when its Double Down burger debuted in the country in May. The bun-less burger succeeded in breaking sales records after it was released in the States, and its popularity obviously spread to New Zealand as it featured on the most searched term on Google’s Zeitgeist list for 2011.

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