Pizza Hut to launch GPS-enabled Vodafone 360 app

Vodafone-360Pizza hut have announced their intention to launch an application on Vodafone’s new 360 smartphone. The 360 phone, which launched recently, is built by Korean electronics giant Samsung and has been seen as an attempt by Vodafone to compete with T-Mobile’s Google-designed Android phone and, of course, the huge market share of Apple’s iPhone.

The application is designed to make use of the 360’s GPS function to automatically use the phone’s location as a method to contact the relevant pizza hut store. The application then contacts the store with the users location and order. The cost of the order is then added to the user’s phone bill.

This announcement follows on from the recent success of Pizza Hut’s iPhone application which reported earned them over $1million in its first 3 months. It is likely that the application will soon be expanded to other mobile phones such as RIM’s Blackberry series of phones.

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