Pizza Hut removed salad bars in China because of greedy customers ‘salad stacking’

salad stack1Pizza restaurant chain Pizza Hut banned its salad bars from its branches in China several years ago as part of, what they called it at the time, a menu revamp.

But many people believe the real reason for the end of the salad bar was due to crafty Chinese customers getting around the ‘one trip rule’ of only being allowed one helping from the salad bar by creatively stacking massive towers of salad in order to get the most out of their one trip.

In UK and US Pizza Hut restaurants, customers are allowed the generous offering of unlimited, ‘help yourself’ salad bars, but in China, customers were limited to just one plate-full. Because they wanted to make sure they were getting their money’s-worth, Chinese customers developed the technique of ‘salad-stacking’, which involved building complicated and intricate structures out of salad which would maximise the amount they could get on the plate. It is this practice which many think is the reason why the Far East stores decided to end the option of salad bars.

The announcement that the salad bars would soon be coming to an end only encouraged customers to salad stack more, before they lost the chance completely.

Not all China’s Pizza Hut salad bars have been removed – some still remain in Beijing branches, but it’s believed that salad stacking is no longer as fashionable as it used to be.


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