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Pizza Hut launch month long campaign to help beat world hunger

September 30, 2011 by Michelle  
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Pizza Hut have unveiled their latest charity fundraising campaign which will see restaurants in the US collect donations for the World Hunger Relief charity. Pizza Hut will challenge America to “Share a Slice of Hope” during the four week programme to raise funds for the special cause. 

It’s estimated all 7,200 Pizza Hut outlets throughout the US will take part in the charity campaign which the pizza giant hopes will help highlight the issues of global hunger and raise funds to help tackle the issue.

According to recent statistics, there are 1 billion people in the world today going days or even weeks without a substantial meal, which Pizza Hut believes is totally unacceptable and is working with the charity to help bring an end to world hunger.

Pizza Hut say that every $1 dollar donated through their month long campaign will feed four children so a little donation really does go a long way.

Customers can donate online at and share their donation on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter to encourage their friends to follow suit and donate to the World Hunger Relief charity.

If customers in the States would rather donate while visiting their local Pizza Hut, they can choose to leave their mark by adding a personalised slice of pepperoni on the pizza shaped donation board to show that they’ve made a contribution to the cause.

Pizza Hut say that all donations made in the next four weeks will benefit the World Food Programme’s hunger relief programme, so what are you waiting for, get donating.

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