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Pizza Hut introduce low calorie pizza range

November 4, 2011 by Ian  
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Pizza Hut are about to launch a lighter range of reduced calorie pizzas and will be emailing 2 million customers from their database to introduce the new pizzas and make them aware of special introductory offers.

The low calorie selection of pizzas, dubbed the Pizzetta range, will feature three pizzas all of which contain less than 500 calories each. The pizzas which make up the Pizzetta range includes Chicken Delight, Shrimply Delicious and Virtuous Veg.

The launch of the new reduced calorie selection of pizzas has been set to coincide with the introduction of the government’s drive to lower the UK’s calorie intake. As part of the Department of Health’s new initiative, the government is aiming to reduce the nation’s calorie intake by 5 million calories by 2020.

Pizza Hut are planning to email 2 million customers, whose details they have collected on their company database, as part of a new marketing campaign for the Pizzetta range of pizzas. The 2 million customers will receive an email with information on the new range, and also details about introductory offers which will allow users to sample the new selection for less.

In addition to the mass email, the launch of the new Pizzetta range of low calorie pizzas is also being supported through the pizza giant’s UK Facebook page.

The pizza provider has also started publishing calorie content for each of their products on the Pizza Hut menus to enable customers to make informed decisions on the food choices they make. A number of other fast food companies have also followed suit including McDonalds and Burger King.

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