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Pizza Hut in Welwyn Garden City to close its doors

January 9, 2012 by Michelle  
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The Pizza Hut restaurant in Howardsgate, Welwyn Garden City, has confirmed it will be closing its doors after it revealed last year that it wouldn’t be renewing its lease on the building it currently operates from.

While the Pizza Hut will finish serving pizza from its restaurant in Howardsgate on January 14th, a spokesperson for the pizza provider revealed that fans of Pizza Hut in the Welwyn Garden City area should not despair as the business was in the process of seeking out a suitable unit in the town from which to set up a pizza delivery service.

The lease on the 2,500 square foot unit was due for renewal in 2014 and Pizza Hut announced last summer that it would not be renewing when the time came. However new tenants have been found for the premises, and so Pizza Hut have taken the opportunity to opt out of their tenancy agreement early.

The Chinese buffet chain, Real China Express has been revealed as the new occupants of the site and hope to have their restaurant up and running by the end of February.

Pizza Hut say they continually evaluate the location of their restaurants in order to ensure they are best meeting the needs of their customers in a particular area. In the situation of Welwyn Garden City, Pizza Hut took the decision that they could best serve customers in this area through a home pizza delivery service as opposed to a restaurant and dine in pizza facility.

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