Pizza Hut Create Amazing Pizza Box Movie Projector in Hong Kong

Pizza Hut Create Amazing Pizza Box Movie Projector in Hong Kong

Takeaway pizza is an all-time favourite, often reserved as a weekend treat. With the successful pizza chains of the world understanding the environment in which we enjoy pizza the most it seems Pizza Hut in particular are looking to cater to our needs, providing us with everything we need for a cosy night in.

The restaurant chain are now delivering its pizzas in boxes that can be converted into movie projectors for smartphones as part of a trial in Hong Kong.

Boxes come with a lens and phone stand, encouraging the pizza-eater to slot their smartphone in the whole and play their favourite films. Each box also comes with a unique code that customers can scan, accessing a Pizza Hut-made movie, giving customers options to choose from.

Is this only in Hong Kong?

With Asia always being the first to experience new technological creations of this type we cannot help but think how much us Brits would love this latest marketing campaign to spread overseas to us.

Let us know what you think, would you use the pizza box projector or would it simply go in the bin?


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