Pizza Hut blasted for serving meat pizza to a vegetarian

A Pizza Hut restaurant in Havant, Hampshire, has been blasted by a vegetarian diner who was served up a pizza topped with ham, despite specifying her special requirements to staff.

Ros Penny, a vegetarian for 20 years, was dining at the Havant branch of Pizza Hut with a friend after a day out shopping. Upon making her order, Ms Penny specifically asked for her vegetarian pizza to be topped with a cheese that did not come from animal rennet.

The staff at the restaurant first checked with kitchen staff that this would be ok, before assuring the 50-year-old diner that her pizza would be 100% veggie.

However a few slices into what she believed was a vegetarian pizza, Ms Penny realised she was chewing on a piece of ham. Because of the thick layer of cheese covering the toppings on the pizza, Ms Penny had not realised straight away that her pizza contained meat.

Despite being very specific about her order, the staff at Pizza Hut admitted that they’d made a mistake and apologised for the gaff, and waived the bill for Ms Penny and her companion. The Pizza Hut restaurant says they’ve also retrained their staff to ensure a blunder like this does not happen again.

However Ms Penny says the incident caused her a great deal of distress, making her fell sick for the entire following day. The 50-year-old vegetarian has since made a formal complaint and contacted The Vegetarian Society with regard to the incident.

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