Monday, December 6, 2010

Pizza Hut Australia makes Facebook deal for freebies

December 3, 2010 by Tony  
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Pizza Hut Australia has announced a deal with Facebook whereby it will allow its users to collect credits by ordering online, which can be converted into a free pizza once they hit a certain target.

The Pizza Hut “Feed and Friend” app is the latest attempt from Pizza Hut to jump on the social network band wagon. Working on the principal that pizza is a sociable food made for eating with friends, the fast food chain decided to join forces with the world’s largest social network, Facebook, to create a new promotion.

Facebook users must first install the Pizza Hut app to their social network page. Every time they make an order online at Pizza Hut, they will be awarded two virtual slices of pizza, one for the user and one for their friend. Once the user has collected four virtual slices, they can trade these in for a real, free pizza.

The new “Feed and Friend” campaign comes off the back of Pizza Hut’s successful launch of their iPhone app which achieved 200,000 downloads within the first eight months of its launch.

Another new development from Pizza Hut is their GPS store finder app which allows iPhone 3G users to find their nearest Pizza Hut branch using GPS technology. The app gives clear direction which will take the user right to the door of their local Pizza Hut.

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