Pizza Hut app proves a big hit

The Pizza Hut app has generated $1 million in sales for the Pizza chain in just three months

Since its release just three months ago, the Pizza Hut iPhone app has generated $1 million in sales for the pizza chain in the US.

The new app is currently only available for download in the States, however given the success the application has generated since its release in July, with almost 1 million downloads recorded to date, it’s surely only a matter of time before the app is made available in the UK.

The Pizza Hut app has also benefited from being included in an Apple advertising campaign in the US which has helped boost the company’s profile further.

The free Pizza Hut app allows customers the opportunity to order pizzas quickly and easily and also the freedom to tailor their pizza to their profile preference with different toppings, and pizza bases and sizes.

As an added bonus the Pizza Hut app also combines its easy to order service with a number of fun games to keep its customers amused while they wait for their order to be delivered including a racing game known as the Pizza Hut Racer, and the Virtual Fridge.

Research has shown that mobile sites and apps for hotels, fast food, transport services and concert tickets are becoming increasing popular with consumers on the move.

Burger King is the next big name to try and break into the mobile market and is currently trialling a new app in the United States. The iPhone app will allow customer to order ahead, pay for food, and skip queues.

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