Pizza House robber brings the roof down

Pizza takeaway robber caught red handed on CCTV footage

A robber from Stockton, Teeside, was caught red handed, and red faced, on CCTV after an ill-judged attempt to break into a pizza takeaway and escape via a hole in the ceiling.

32-year-old Mark Powell, who is a drug addict and visibly intoxicated in the CCTV footage, broke into the fast-food outlet via an upstairs flat. The starving burglar managed to make away with £50 in coins, but no pizza. In court he admitted he was hungry, and went straight to McDonalds following the robbery and spent the stolen money on food.

Described as a “prolific burglar” Powell was instantly recognised by police from the CCTV video. The footage shows the robber’s futile attempts to break out of the pizza takeaway via a hole in the ceiling from which he’d gained entry.

Visibly intoxicated, Powell is seen standing on top of a sign, placed on the counter, as he attempted to reach the hole in the ceiling. He is also seen repeatedly banging his head on another sign attached to the ceiling. At one point, part of the ceiling collapsed in on the burglar, causing an estimated £3,000 worth of damage.

Powell was handed a 16-week jail sentence suspended for 1 year and was told to expect a custodial sentence should he find himself in trouble with the law again.

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