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Pizza Express to reinvent their restaurants

February 24, 2011 by Michelle  
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Pizza Express has outlined ambitious new plans to reinvent their restaurants.

The news comes after a successful pilot scheme at the newly opened Pizza Express branch in Richmond, London, which trialled a number of new practices to gauge public reaction.

The pizza restaurant chain plans to place an emphasis upon the dining experience at their eateries, with the introduction of events featuring live music and entertainment especially tailored to each restaurant. It is hoped that this angle will help attract more young professionals to the brand.

The Pizza Express restaurant in Richmond, dubbed the “Living Lab”, has been instrumental in the introduction of new concepts at the pizza chain. The Richmond branch has been experimenting with new ideas which have been well received by diners, with the restaurant boasting a 93% customer satisfaction rate, and an increase of like for like at the eatery of 20%

In addition to the live music nights, Pizza Express are also planning to launch Play Dough Hour at their restaurants which will appeal to families dining with children.

The layout of Pizza Express restaurants will also be improved, as will the structure of the eateries in order to improve acoustics and remove any unnecessary noise.

Pizza Express have also revealed changes to their recruitment and staff training programmes so as to create a workforce who are capable of interacting and emphasising with a wide range of clientele.

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