Pizza Express to introduce iPod docks at their Richmond restaurant

Pizza Express are about to launch a very exciting new feature as part of an experiment at their Living Lab restaurant in Richmond.

The pizza chain will install a number of private booths encased in a sound proof dome complete with an iPod docking system. This will allow customers to choose their own music during their meal, and also place their order via the iPod touch-screen.

Another added feature of the iPod touch-screen is a light system which enables the customer to call a staff member to their table, ask for the bill, or show that you’d like to be left alone.

The sound proof domes which envelopes the tables will ensure all outside chatter from the rest of the restaurant is kept out, while the diners inside will be left to enjoy their own choice of music on their iPod system without any interference. It is hoped this will provide a more private and relaxing experience for diners.

The newly opened Pizza Express restaurant in Richmond will be the first UK based outlet to trial the new iPod dock and dome facility. The restaurant plans to collect feedback from customers and if this is positive, Pizza Express plan to introduce the new style booths in some of its other restaurants in the UK.

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  1. What a great way to charge up your iPhone at the same time :-)

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