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Pizza Express launch political pizzas ahead of London mayoral election

October 24, 2011 by Tony  
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Pizza Express are getting political again, this time creating two pizzas in the image of the candidates in the running for the mayoral election which is due to take place next year.

Old rivals Ken Livingstone and current London mayor, Boris Johnson, will go head to head in 2012 as they battle it out to win the May election and the next term in office as the city’s mayor for the following 4 years.

Pizza Express are carrying out an unscientific experiment to try and gauge the mood of voters by introducing two special edition pizzas, one for each candidate, and will keep a tally of how many Boris pizzas and how many Ken pizzas are sold until the end of the month to see which is more popular with the diners.

The Boris Johnson pizza is a twist on the popular Sloppy Giuseppe pizza and features toppings of spicy beef, onions, peppers and also extra cheese in a nod to the Conservative supporter’s mane of unruly blonde hair.

The Ken Livingstone pizza has a strong tomato base, referring to the Labour man’s Red Ken persona, with other toppings including pesto, basil, avocado and rocket. A food artist also created a face in the likeness of both Ken and Boris on each of the pizzas so that there’s no confusion over which pizzas belongs to which mayoral candidate.

Both political pizzas are priced at £10 each to ensure a fair contest, with the special edition pizzas being available during the London Restaurant Festival, the winner will be announced when the festival concludes at the end of October.

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