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Pizza Express founder wins lifetime achievement award

November 29, 2010 by kate  
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Peter Boizot famed in the restaurant industry for his role as the founder of the pizza chain, Pizza Express, was recognised by the Peach Factory Hero and Icon Awards last week with a lifetime achievement award for the outstanding contribution he’s made to the restaurant and dining industry over the years.

The entrepreneur, who recently celebrated his 81st birthday, came up with the idea of launching a pizza restaurant after he returned from a holiday in Italy, and realized he was unable to get a slice of pizza anywhere in London. Boizot opened the first Pizza Express restaurant in Soho, London, in 1965. Since the first restaurant opening, the brand has gone on to great things and now boasts 376 restaurants worldwide.

Amongst his extensive achievements, Boizot is credited with championing the type of casual dining experience we are now so familiar with, but was a new concept in the 60’s. The businessman is also thought to have been the first British retailer to sell the Italian beer, Peroni, in the UK. Boizot also succeeded in raising £2 million for the Venice in Peril Fund in the 1970’s through pizza sales.

The Peach Factory Hero and Icon Awards is an annual event which seeks to reward and recognise the work of outstanding individuals working within the restaurant industry. The awards, which are now in their fifth year, were held at BAFTA London this year.

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