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Pizza eating great grandmother celebrates 106th birthday

November 9, 2011 by Tony  
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A great grandmother from Newfoundland, Canada, celebrated her 106th birthday last week and credits her love of pizza with helping her reach her milestone age.

Margaret Ellen Moores turned 106 on November 5th and celebrated with a party surrounded by her family and friends. When asked about her tips for a long life, the centurion’s daughter, 65-year-old Marie Cheeseman, revealed that her mother has always had a sweet tooth and loves nothing better than tucking into pizza and fries.

For a woman who’s lived for 106 years, Mrs Moores is in very good health as her only ailment is arthritis for which she takes medication as and when it flares up. Aside from this and some deafness, the great grandmother is in extremely good shape and still enjoys her favourite meal of pizza and fries as often as she can.

While the young-at-heart gran enjoys her pizza, one thing she’s never taken to is water and never drinks it. Sweets and pizza are definitely up there on her favourites list, as is salt beef and salt pork which she grew up eating.

Since turning 99, Margaret and her family have celebrated each of her birthdays with a big party in her hometown of Rushoon, Newfoundland.

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