Pizza delivery driver robbed twice in two days by same thief

Man arrested in the US on suspicion of robbing the same pizza delivery man twice in two days

Police in Colorado Springs, US, are investigating claims that a pizza delivery driver was targeted by the same thief two days in a row.

The 61-year-old pizza delivery worker who is employed by Borrielleo Brothers Pizza was held at gunpoint by the attacker and ordered to handover all cash he was carrying.

The first attack took place on a Tuesday, and the next the following day a mile away from where the first hold up occurred.

The pizza worker was able to provide police with a detailed description of his attacker which enabled the authorities to arrest the suspect they believe is responsible for the robberies.

The assailant was described by the victim as a young black man aged approximately 17 years, 5foot 6 inches tall. The delivery driver said he was threatened with a silver 22 calibre Luger handgun.

A man fitting the delivery driver’s description was arrested and the same weapon was said to have been found on his person. The suspect is a minor so his name has not been released. He’s now facing charges of two counts of aggravated robbery.

The Borriello Brother Pizza delivery driver says his company has a policy in place whereby drivers are only permitted to carry small amounts of cash in case of incidents of robbery. Despite the spate of robberies, the pizza worker says he generally feels safe while making his deliveries.

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