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Pizza could overtake steak as the most popular dish in Argentina

December 12, 2011 by Ian  
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Famed for their Argentine steaks and their huge appetite for all things beef, the humble steaks could be about to fall from favour in Argentina as it looks set to be overtaken in the popularity stakes by the pizza according to a new poll.

The recent study was carried out in the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires to discover what the favourite dish of diners eating out in the city’s restaurants is. For many years, steaks and steak restaurants have dominated the dining out market in Buenos Aires, however according to the results of the most recent survey, the tide seems to be finally turning towards another popular dish, the pizza.

Within two years, the study estimates that pizzerias will overtake the number of steak houses, or Parrillas, as they’re known in the country, toppling the steaks’ reign as the most popular dish of choice in Argentina.

The change in the city’s eating habits could be a symptom of the recent economic climate as a pizza large enough to feed one person will generally cost half the price of a steak dish in a restaurant in the capital.

Argentina has the world’s largest beef consumption with on average of 55.7kg of beef being consumed per capita annually. Buenos Aires currently boasts 780 steak houses while the number of pizza restaurants stands at 650 however the researchers behind the study believe that if the popularity of the pizza continues to grow at the same rate as it has in recent years, the number of pizzerias will overtake steak houses in Buenos Aires in two years time.

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