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Pizza box mini plate invention receives an award for productivity

February 22, 2012 by Ian  
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A brand new pizza box invention which doubles as a mini plate-come-napkin has won its three inventors a Red Dot Design Award. The nifty design makes eating pizza a fair less messy affair as the greaseproof layer between the box and the pizza snaps into pieces so each slice of pizza can be picked up easily and without getting your fingers covered in grease or sauce.

Three people have been commended with creating the new pizza box design, Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung and Kwon Young Hee. The website Gizmodo, an authority on gadget news and the latest digital inventions, described the new pizza box plate as “genius” which is high praise indeed.

The idea is simple, as is the case which many of the best inventions, the “paper dish” as it’s been dubbed, acts as a barrier between the pizza and the pizza box itself. The greaseproof plate has been sectioned off into slices with perforated edges so the diner can pull off their chosen slice of pizza, following the perforated line, so that the paper dish comes away with the slice.

Not only does the design double as a handy disposable plate, the paper dish also dispenses for the need for napkins as the diner’s hands are kept clean and grease free thanks to the specially design greaseproof layer.

Do you think the paper dish will catch on with pizza takeaway provider? Would you like to see this new design introduced at your local pizza takeaway? Let us know your thoughts on the new pizza box invention by dropping us a line below.

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