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or dripping for frying, chopped parsley, pepper and salt.

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Department, research programs, developments in the field of occupational

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the brain, and one of scarlet-fever, and one of consumption. Three

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account of motor disturbances, to describe its location. The difference between

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is a relatively long-lived agent (half life = 73 hours), which

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parts, Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company. 1902. Price

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remain immature and completely devoid of myeline for several months

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fever but with a tumor of the gall bladder, suggests

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lost a few ounces ; lay quiet, apathetic, and uncomplain-

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ceedingly rare, and, moreover, the symptoms in this

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of lactic and butyric acids, though hydrochloric acid

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• Mullet's Physiology, translated by W. Baly, m.d. 2nd ed., vol. 1., p. 238.

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121. — Bock (E.) Zur Geschichte des kiinstlichen Auges.

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to demonstrate their connexion with the organization ; that they

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Delaware had departed, and from which all those who were admit-

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employed in connection with epilepsy, and the results arrived at by its help,

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side are partlj'' anaesthetic. There is no palsy of the face or exti'emities, no

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were in a condition of excessive life, every one in tetanus.

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ment of the spleen. The other fatal case resulted t.om

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cases substantiating this belief." " I never saw any case of so-

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they agree with it are not to be accounted as inde-

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Ankylostomum Duodenale. t)ber seine geographische Verbreitung

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the flesliy structure of the opposite cheek. The injury was followed by

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slight differences in cultural properties scarcely suffice, inasmuch as

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snake, venom peptone and venom globulin. The former

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as well as in the hog. When the cysticerci develop in important parts,

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cure. Of course, it is quite an important operation