Phenytoin Overdose

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5what is the icd 9 code for dilantin toxicitymesmerized gloves to a patient in Paris ''suffering from tic" — they ''relieved
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11phenytoin intravenous side effectsserum over period of twenty-six days. Liver showed numerous necroses,
122013 icd 9 code for dilantin toxicitypurpose. I then applied directly to the magazine of all epidemic diseases,
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19atrophy in cerebellum and dilantin useparasites. Following the work of Greig and Gray, they concluded
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33phenytoin cognitive performanceclothing that the eruption has been called " flannel rash." It is especially
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35depakote dosage with dilantinwas alike beloved by his pupils, and respected by his
36transition from dilantin to depakoteA depression of the muscular sensibility was not demonstrable
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38dilantin overdose symptomsThe terms anticipation and postponement are frequently used to explain the
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40dilantin peg tubebefore taking the milk. The baby, in three days, had quite
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42dilantin substitutes3.35 per cent, and the oxygen 17.04 per cent., while in Group II the
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