Ptomains are basic substances resulting from fermentative and putrefactive changes in the body set up sleep by the metabolic activities of bacteria. With optical nystagmus the oscillations are all equal while looking straight ahead, but such oscillations can be made to disappear by requesting patient to look to the extreme right or left without changing the position of the head; this "safe" is not so with vestibular nystagmus or intracranial nystagmus. Both of these had neglected the treatment I prescribed, phenergan which consisted in washing the whole surface of the body two or three times a-day with cold water, on the disappearance of the eruption; but they had exposed themselves to cold draughts. Although this number is not a very small one, yet it would appear that this disease had dm never yet been made the subject of an exhaustive monographical essay. Kluge recommends doses of ten grains, repeated every ten minutes; but I think it would be better to give such a dose as I have mentioned, which will probably not require repetition more than once, and if the case be suitable, can scarcely cause with any mischief. As both the valleys of the Deerfield and North rivers are very narrow, the bulk of the population lives naturally very three cotton mills in the narrow North River val villages: dose. If bleeding obscures pregnancy the view, a blunt pointed bistoury is used, cutting from below upwards. What a pity it is that there are any medical men of such small mental and moral caliber that they will violate every principle of syrup right thinking and right acting in retaliation of fancied wrongs. Clinical observation and animal experimentation along tbe lines codeine pointed out by Crile should be carried on until we know tbe whole truth, as near as can be.

Yellow lymph, or there may be very little exudate buy (dry pleurisy). The companies in question have for a series of years kept separate registers of all their beneficiary members, the total abstainers being how classed apart from the moderate.drinkers. Black water fever, relapsing fever, frambesia, tropic ulcer, Liver Oil, Phosphorus and Calcium, and the Influence of these Remedies on the effects Calcium and Phmphorus tients undergoing Treatment with the X-Ray. Opiate - among the most important special measures may be mentioned the avoidance of frequent vaginal examinations, and the careful cleansing of the outlet before attempting any examination or operative procedure.


If there be too little power for nerve-digestion there will be no appetite (during). And - name six methods of inducing premature labor. I am for well aware that many authors direct, in cases such as this, when the placenta is retained, that the hand should be at once introduced for the purpose of extracting that body. Is the high induction of premature labor ever justifiable? If so, when and how would you perform the induction? It is justifiable whenever danger to the life of either mother or child can be averted by its use, and whenever, with moderate degrees of pelvic contraction, a severe labor with possible grave operative interference can be The more common indications are contracted pelvis of minor grades, toxemia of pregnancy of a severe degree, certain cases of habitual death of the fetus just before term, selected cases of heart disease and tuberculosis.

The e.stimation of the absolute and relative quantities of urea and of the secretion of phloridzin, indigo carmine, etc., are cough eulogized as essential preliminaries to renal operations. To take off pressure from the malleoli, a block of wood of sufficient size is placed in the loop, and to this block extending bands are attached; the descending and ascending strip old of plaster is more securely fastened to the limb by a few strips of plaster circularly applied to the leg. L., a twelve-year-old boy, had had complete ankylosis of both articular condyles of "is" the jaw for seven years following either trauma, meningitis removed and a portion of both rami through small incisions just in front of the ears.

The blood clotted in the conducting mechanism, shutting off the So great was this uncertainty of transfusion of tablets blood that the introduction of saline infusions was sufficient to cause abandonment of the former operation. My manner of using it is as follows: Having first irrigated the vagina with water at as high a temperature as can well be borne by patient, a cylindrical speculum is introduced and the vaginal walls very "can" carefully dried, first with a soft sponge and then with absorbent cotton.