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consulted guide." — Biriiiin^havi Medical Reiiie^v.
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especially the pericardium ; reflex vomiting in the most acute
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written Cinchon), who had been vice-Queen of Peru, on her
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of this difference of opinion, careful counts were made on normal blood
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year. From my own experience, a larger representation might be
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Case 7 was characterized by bronchitis with mucopurulent sputum
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sick could be more quickly benefited by a close adherence to
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Silver, Much Tarnished, to Clean. — Silver which has
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India, and, indeed, in many other places by natives.
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face there is little, if any, fibrin. Everywhere the surfaces of the
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tion received by it which in the Judgment 0/ its editor will not be
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dressed to M. (). Doin, 8, ])laoe do rOd(f'on, Paris.
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The organs which are formed by all the layers of the
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** That's all very well, but what we want in our drinking
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med. Wchnschr., Leipz. u. Berl., 1889, xv, 764. — Harris
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therefrom that the hoops came off, and much of the oil escaped by leakage,
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light on another question, namely, that the cerebellum has
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gut was liberated with some difficulty and the tumor was easily palpated
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does not occur in scrophulous climates nor constitutions.
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opposite the mesenteric attachments, and the visceral wounds
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in connection with some irritative factor, but that when once estab-
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used as in the year J 806. We all know that exposure to light
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Cases that pertained to impotence put the courts into a position of
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lie in the sitting-room an hour or two after he eats,
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The drugs most frequently given to animals for their-
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who had received a wound in the chest, in consequence of Avhich
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necessary. After some effort it was found impossible to do
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tula have been operated on in the Glasgow \ Chemical examination and clinical trials
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be a very rare exception, especially in Porto Rico.
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finishing, polishing, etc. Examination will now dis-
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(as well as the other half bottle of vinegar) gradually. Stir
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the lower extremities, being more subject to traumatic inflam-