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Simon, F.R.S.) of the then (1857) General Board of Health.
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largely influenced by its cause, but it may last from a few months to two
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From pleurisy with effusion or with great thickening of the chest
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ent, and that the recovery of the patient had really been coin-
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blistered eight times : cautery was applied on either side of the
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11. HEAD. Brain, 1893 and 1894. 12. KAHLER. Vierteljahrschrift fur pract.
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may be quite as important as an increased rise in the blood
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element of infection, which clinically is made evident by the men-
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disease is already in course of cure, collections of pus
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scription of a case of severe post-partum hemorrliage,
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Among the ancient northern peoples, also, songs and
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thought, or to refresh your feverish brow and temples with the balmy
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the same type of window gave markedly different results. As
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practices, and appliances have been omitted, and I have
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a trace of bloody froth or the like. The liver was ansemic, the
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ture 99.6^ F. For a week, to August 8th, the patient laj
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lymphatic system is blocked than in the latter, and coincidently a
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it would be quite diflicult, from its size and shape, to ligate it. I
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tinues until death, with more or less frequent remissions and exaoerbation5.
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any skilled employment." The majority of the superinten-
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Medizinischen Musik" (Bonn, 1835), by Dr. Peter Joseph
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sixteen; had an attack of intermittent fever in Sep-
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In 1786, he published his grand practical work, the Treatise
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inner side. It is much more commonly met with in the female
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labor. Visual troubles may come on during lactation.
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the presence of a solution of grape sugar of 1 in 5,000. — Tr.
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ney is essentially of normal configuration, but the
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degree of enthusiasm in the interests of a drug which cer-