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Baltimore, Md. — Dr. William Osier, Dr. H. A. Kelly, Dr. L.
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course to call in a specialist to pronounce an opinion and to co-
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we would frankly say, that our aim is to do all the good we can for the
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eminent jjractitioner and teacher in New York, after the fourth or fifth attack,
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tion in producing disease. The non-cognizable causes, on the
phenergan dosage for 10kg baby
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alkaline leys, which rob the surface of its oil, or in some trades where
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ances, headache, and laryngeal affections are familiar exam-
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during the year of grace? Would such men seek for an inferior
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kind in question. Such cases as those of Mrs. Lin and Farmer B were very
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position which he made his own some thirty years ago (1871) in
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Organization Society, and president of the Tenement House
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all the autopsies I have performed at Bellevue Hospital
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of the face and linihs, lieginniiig on the side opposite to the lesion.
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understood, action. Here no changes either in morphology or
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mogastric presides over the glycogenic function of the
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action was tried at Guildford, and he recovered .£600 against