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Out of the large series of experiments I here report only two of
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tant clinical professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at
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cine^ has consistently proposed a significant name to be substituted
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Let a represent the normal blood mass contained in the
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north of Scotland, which depended greatly on his genial disposition
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or less closely under slightly differing curvatures. That is, as the Pepsin is liberated,
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had every symptom of the most immediate danger. Upon examination, I
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and its reduction was accompanied by a gurgling noife. A pro-
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is possible to secure the services of a physician, as there is danger
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Reagents. 1. Antihuman Hemolytic Amboceptor. This is pre-
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ley Robinson, of New York ; A Case of Simple Chronic Pleural
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may be found is always acid, through the excess of lithic and hippuric acids—
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just sufficient to overcome the valvular defects the cir-
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longer breath you feel a more marked pain, do you not, in the
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tions of the chyle molecules and granular bodies formed before they
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be dreaded, and which are so liable to supervene of themselves. The
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of the liver presented at the last meeting of the Society.
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beats of the heart.'* This form of respiration was continued
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From this second animal a third may be injected, and so on
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devised for the accurate estimation of various substances in
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In the treatment of the disease, careful and judicious
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must our classification change. The ideal classifica-
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determining NEED remain vague. Currently the criteria
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stitial pneumonia, with deep pigmentation. In places, small hemorrhages
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branes, pus will be formed in the articulations, even when the
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' the ordinary flap extraction. The patient having been placed
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vealed a moderate cyanosis of the vaginal mucous mem-
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Foppy Heads, or warm {not hot) water. After a day or two, a
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native grown garden and farm products as most advantageous for
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continuous entity Man— which I may term the proto-
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by Dr. Russell^ ' Brit. Med« Journal/ Sept. 8, 1866.
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not occupied with the bladder, normally distended, is
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noted that epithelial cells from a recently extirpated carcinoma of the
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Ferrannini insuring a temperature of — 2.016° 0.
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work, on the other hand, an increase of 50 per cent in alveolar venti-
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latitude is almost always accompanied with peculiar dangers during the
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Registrar of the Faculty of Medicine of McGill University,
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named ; sometimes, however, it curves outwards, as if
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though this also has been somewhat of a disappointment in the way of
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especially if, at the same time, they attempt to turn the eyes upwards.
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I found them sometimes in great numbers — in one case more than
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of the report, said he was sure that they must all feel that those