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demonstrations of Modern Gastric Methods of Analysis and Treatment
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ored ; admitted to the hospital April 7, 1883. The patient
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words, which are : — " I confess that I know no theory capable
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chloride solution. The alcoholic extract thus obtained was cooled
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in plate-cultures within one hour and a half of insolation.
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Here we may properly enough allude to a remark of Galei, to
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ized by the appearance of irregular swelling from varicosities in the course
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In many of the lower organisms, where structural differen-
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American Academy of Family Practice, which was the first
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multinuclear, and many were phagocytic. The type of lesion in
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in the duodenum, and he suggests that while these parasites would
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of adrenal blood to enter into the general circulation. Thus, Dreyer consumes
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gested the above position, to which she strongly objected.
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His own treatise on this branch of knowledge ("Elementa
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in a succeeding one be totally overlooked, and the naked fact
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consumptive is impatient of every little discomfort, and
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read an address in which, after a review and commendation of
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(3) Spastic phenomena develop in the l^s, the result
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attempt of a reviewer to epitomize is at once para-
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and bowels, &c., &c. In the derangements of health indicated by
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is inconvenient to the patient on account of the hemor-
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of which six were bilious remittent, five were quotidian intermittent,
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slug, an animal very frequently found in the gardens