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such investigations will shortlj' appear. M. Vialla has, dur-

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the middle meatus. After several sittings the stone was re-

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tally he was a little slow, but neither inaccurate nor delirious ;

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treatment and prognosis of each disease are given in turn.

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A. Edwards, King's College ; F. A. M. Flegg, St. Thomas's Hospital ;

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of maintenance can be kept within the limit — two and a half

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investigations, of the practical results obtained, and of the

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and attention. He may be said to have died "in harness,"

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place the child had recently come to stay with some relatives

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able causes, had been exercised in a very inefficient manner,

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administration of the chloroform, only small in extent, while

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reaction to the invasion of the cholera bacillus, it would

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to the initial stage of fever. The commencement of some

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and becoming conscious of a strong smell of gas in his

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the front, and marked the spot on each side where the outline

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Amount of Accommodation.— On this point our figures are

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Box, B.Sc, St. Thomas's Hospital, and E. T. E. Hamilton, B.Sc,

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sequent on the malposition and altered sliape of the bones,

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distinction between " citing in support of " and " basing upon " should

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We announced with great regret recently the deatli of Dr.

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cottages in the adjacent rural district of South Stoneliam.

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their general health and tone, and by the reduction of oedema

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65,: with an enlarged thyroid gland, causing the following

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,that tlie whole of these phenomena in all of tliese patients

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death-rate during the same period in the large English towns. The

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done— of the local board within whose district the proposed hospital was

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Da. MiEZA Ali, Chief Physician to the Shah of Persia, and

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in deference to the opinion of his medical adviser. Dr. Glynn,