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is expressively called is one of the most striking and character-
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ticability of legislation prohibiting indiscriminate expec-
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Prostration is extreme, and the patient may die in this early stage
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The President cited a case in which be did a third opera-
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leg, by bandaging or any form of splint, brings about a measure
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ed, the incision closed, and Mrs. M. would have had \
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fruits of the efficacy of mercurial purges in the yel-
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ulcers, piles, painful tumors of all kinds and external inflamma-
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Dr. C. A. Fortin (M, D., Bishop's, 1897) has almost,
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Incurables are physically strong and well, and able to work. Their
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cannot work at anything like the normal rate. Then the circle is complete.
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fragments may cut a tendon and its retraction entail failure of union,
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men examined by Selective Service boards was found to
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Besides our own experience, which has been limited on account of temporary
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marshy districts and decaying vegetable matter ready for entrance
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The ribs may be fractured, and the skin not broken, but
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ing it in five-grain capsules three times a week at bed-time. In
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A number of cases of narrowing or stenosis of the " cardia " have
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the thinner parts of the film is insufficient for the thicker
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Droiahl quotes from the Moniieur ihtrapeutique^' the
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It is only by their aid, that a general and complete catalogue
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R , aged sixty-seven, a native of Germany, but having
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cut off. The mustard scarcely reddened the skin, even after the application for several
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He had a very copious evacuation after this, and in the afternoon
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£cchymoses _and parenchymatous degenerations, are common to this afiection
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equally affected in the deformity. The ribs on the right
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endiamin. Filter-paper is moistened with an aqueous solution of the hydro-
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murmurs ; when the pleural effusions are unconfined, the ready dis-
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and if the causes already enumerated are borne in mind, the
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4. Vincent, Swali : Quart. Jour. Physiol., 1915, ix, 45.
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heard of curing small-pox ? All that was formerly attempted,
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trends. White shows how almost any physically func-
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after a lengthened exposure to atmospheric air, show, -when heated, the sodium
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M.A., Author of ' The Aryan Mythology,' &c., assisted by numerous
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calories 2,000. Table 6 gives the urinary findings.
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stream from the atomizer entered the box. In experiments
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effect ; but in the course of the year in question this form of