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and the result was that danger was greatly diminished. The real

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pressor tests were repeated. The histamine test, as

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The voice, however, after recovery, will be likely to remain permanently

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Dr. Minot stated, in answer to a question, that he had seen but one case

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with expiration. Vocal resonance over the middle third is of a loud brazen metallic

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Scalds are not nearly so severe as burns. Burns are

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the cervix. Should it fail, vaginal injections of hot water,

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sian breed was kept in his family as a favourite. The animal was a female, quite white

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tonicity of the muscular and elastic fibres of lung-tissue, irre-

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be always strained or chopped or minced ; this deprives

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Thursdays, and Saturdays during the Term. There will be

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the road, in a pasture. He knew not where he was ; and it was w T ith

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in various textbooks, put themselves on record with regard to it, some

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certificates of study from irregular practitioners will be

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our reviewer's error. They are every where abundant, and

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on the inflamed fauces. Potassium chlorate is known to be an irritant

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side. Here central vision was perfect ; but on careful

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of lithotrity ; and that, by Dr. Mason Warren, of Boston,

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an order made on|;certificates under lunacy statutes ; and

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mistic about stimulating interest in or finding funds for

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Suicidal mania is susceptible of being spread by imitation, especially when

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rating patient unable to tolerate bronchial lavage, extracorpo-

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the last episode was less than 4 days in approximately

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nasal mucous membrane, the result of inflammation. 4th, The

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and then becoming less virulent for a similar period. Cecil and

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of cervical glands extending under the sterno-cleido-mastoid muscles,

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be effected without a change in the Wisconsin laws,

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CXCV. Favus of the scalp of four years' standing, cured by a sul-

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addressed to the Editors of Tin-: American 1':; .< riTiONl :; \,:. Ni v. i, Louisville, Ky.

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Dr. Campbell, in some extended remarks, expressed the utmost reliance in

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normal for forty-eight hours before operation, aud the

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in a notcj that a recipe for this nostrum is left with a respectable apo-

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letters, and could not count above four. With training, however,

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"They dislike to make mental any physical effort" p. 1G.

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upper (dorsal) side of the creature ; in ordinary conditions it is never on the