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comfort of your patient, that you can avert the formation of bed-sores
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the vast amount of suffering it saves in administering medicine to
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of military operations the rate of flow through the camp was about
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Rising like magic where once the waves rolled, far from the original
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brain, successfully treated with Aeon., Bell., and JSfux. The patient,
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allow it to be worn very tight without inconvenience.
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reason and experience suggest, to inhabit every latitude, and multiply in
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produces both acute and chronic inflammation of the spinal membranes.
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large number of sj'mptoms, some of which occur but once. Just so
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My make of Pepsin has stood the test of years. It has proven its superiority by not being dete-
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been unable to determine the pathological nature of the affection ; but
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as to the Reins, Bladder, and Urinary PafTages, yec
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of this operation, indicating a similar credulity in 1710, or three
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this the legitimate fruit of so many years of study and experience
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allopaths, and points out by parallel columns the harmony between
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nation the liver or spleen is found increased in size. If you take the
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the first 3'ear was 13f ; the second, 18|^ ; the third, 19J. It has
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two days her voice was perfectly natural and her cough improved.
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J. F. Julius M. J. Berghaus, M.D., 49 West Twenty-fourth Street, New York.
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50) beds, in charge of a staff of five surgeons, members of the Massachusetts Medical Society.
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set of surgical instruments, given by Prof. Franklin.
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of us, published tables of many cases of ague cured in hospital by that
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ing accompanied the incision. The cut was almost instantly fol-
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Dr. Mandeville reported a case of entire paralysis of motion, with
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bones. Pressure here was intolerable, and the least attempt to rotate
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a case of fever, are you to proceed at once to bring the patient's system
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t he Root will then endure many years together : this
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families. The sympathy which a nurse should have for her patient
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mollient, and Alterative 5 dedicated, as the others,
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peared, the entire cutaneous surface was dyed of a brilliant red ; in fact,
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