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nodosum. When it first came out there were vesicles ijpon the soft
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the hospital of a medical school like that of Aberdeen. It may be urged
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Terry, jun., Esq.; R. W. Watkins, Esq. Honorary Secretaries: J. M.
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Medical Topography of the West Coast of Africa, Yellow
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will be an open one; and any member of the profession desirous of
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On the 25th the deep portions of the operative wound had to a large
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and furniture at each dispensary, and the number, duties, and remune-
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I. My first illustration refers to the pyccmic inflammation of the
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These symptoms and the long-standing character of the disease,
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The existence of abdominal tuberculosis is often scarcely suspected
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or less numerous nodules in the liver, spleen, or lungs. On post-mortem
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an undue amount of blood-flow is certainly injurious; so that it is good
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tion. In 1505 and 1528 there appeared for the first
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Government still refuses to admit, in the amended Bill now before Par- '
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We had occasion to discuss the machinery for regulating the compen-
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by breaking down the subdartoid connective tissue, this isolation being
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all Italians and Spaniards, and most Frenchmen : the absurdity of this
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months the new birds, though at first healthy, soon become ill and die
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importance to the suggestion. He also recognised its importance, and
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Scotchman owes his success in life to the introduction which he carried
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tion as to the movements of the fleet and army. Even singing the
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Section F. Psychology. — President: Professor Laycock, M.D.
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were drawn in so as to create a deep hollow at each inspiration, and
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is stronger at the same time as the movements cease. It may be ob-
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An Address in Medicine will be delivered by FRANCIS SiBSON, M.D.,
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kennel. The day after it was brought to the College.
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left side of the upper lip ; the lower lip of the same side close to the
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for the first few days, but this soon subsided. Appetite was preserved
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groups of muscle, that the sudden action of cold is capable of rapidly
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" It (the poison) so affects the circulation through the lungs that the
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painful ; the conjunctiva of a reddish mahogany colour ; the cornea
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fits of excitement. Respiration and circulation became more and
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This latent period terminates as soon as the lungs become en-
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scarlet fever ; the pyrexia was mild, but the wrists and right hip-joint
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as might have been anticipated, our treatment would have been con-
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animals suffering from the disease fails to demonstrate the existence of
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it were, by an act of easy rumination." He relates instances in which
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ominous fold of crape. I looked at the number to be
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honour and duty of proposing a resolution of sympathy with the family
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secretion of urine continued free. On April nth, he lay on the left
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original spelhng, is given in a foot-note. f She continued to abstain
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the end of the second week. At that time the wound was granulating