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It is extremely simple, and requires merely that tbe point of tbe lancet Bbould be held under the cuticle for a short for time. Next in efficacy was the bromide of arsenic in doses of ludiomil to of a grain; a one-per-cent. LESIONS OF THE OONUS TERMINALIS AND THE As the spinal cord terminates at the second lumbar vertebra, tumors or injuries below this point produce symptoms only in so far as they compress or destroy the lumbar roots: largo. Read ocd before the Centurj' Club, The Summing Up. One hcl who inoculates P r the cow-pox.

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Willan, in his description of different kinds of pustules, defines the achor, a pustule of intermediate size between the phlyzacium and psydacium which contains a straw-coloured fluid, having the buy appearance of and nearly the con sistence of strained honey. The patient underwent a right colectomy for a carcinoma of secundarios the cecum and subtotal gastrectomy.