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sensation, and at the same time the so-called reflex motions in decapitated frogs, it must be

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added to a small quantity (about 25 cc.) of the fluid; the mixture is heated to boiling,

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not much wider than each individual loop, must be distended if

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of the place of amputation must be shaved, very carefully cleansed,

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previously healthy person, ought, under favorable circumstances

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numbers, 50,000 policies, representing a total insurance

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nite cure for malignant conditions, this method allevi-

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in their secret councils thus dastardly oppose the system of medical prac-

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two of the placenta. He (Prof. Simpson) had found this treatment

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mean Sheldrake's Aldershot and Sandhtint Military Gazette —

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drum-cavity never escaped by the Eustachian tube into the fauces, the

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The couple is formed by a ribbon of zinc and copper, and each couple is sepa-

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presented the chanicteristio signs of ampborii; breath-

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586. — Parker (.1. B.) N"te on a case of probable fecal

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hitherto paid by these and other first class companies has been no more

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and Marischal Colleges Avere soon well represented. Dr Chalmers

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Tifante^ The thicker and wider the hepatized region l3nng in contact

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These cultures were examined for hemolysis simultaneously by

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tity of urine about normal. Diet: milk, bread, and meat once

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of some more active material; a system much preferable to the use of

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or records on his own behalf at trial. In the Indus-

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the various tissues forming the bronchi, or coagulated upon their mucous

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all tend to make the local condition worse. Attention

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diplococcus that a concentrated salt suspension tended to go off

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The cause of this condition in these otherwise healthy mothers

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a pellagrin. In March, 1912. they moved to S, into a house formerly occupied

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sary of a peculiar shape. It is more especially applicable in

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sider the above cases a sufficient number to give the

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brief, we believe it to be, and to a very satisfactory

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strangers are generally shown the town in tliis manner — they first take

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embrj'onic neural canal (Busse). For the same reason, it would

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6. The Continuance of Cholera and Typhus on the Hamburg-

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factors working at variance with one another for the production of bron-

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overlapping of a large mass of skin and flesh ; about the flexure

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prophylactic and therapeutic agent in certain sectors of the British

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hyperacidity; on the other hand, many cases are met with having a