Papa John’s unveils new menu

Papa John’s Pizza has added lots of new and exciting dishes (as well as some old favourites) to its revitalised Spring menu.  Now customers can order pizzas with more toppings like the ‘Buffalo Chicken’  pizza that brings together a creamy ranch sauce, breadcrumb-coated chicken, and crispy bacon  with sliced onion topping, and the ‘Tuna Deluxe’ pizza. Along with the new pizza choices on offer, old favourites like the ‘Pepperoncini’ (a pickled chilli pepper) is also back on the menu by popular demand and is now available as a complimentary side dish.

For the sweet-toothed, new puddings such as Belgian chocolate brownies, giant chocolate-chip cookies and a toffee apple crumble can now be found at this leading pizzeria as some of the sweet treats on offer.
The menu overhaul is part of Papa John’s ‘Better ingredients. Better pizza’ philosophy which while creating fresh new flavours  still stays loyal to the established traditions  that are synonymous with this much-loved pizza chain. With so many hungry mouths to please throughout its 200+ UK stores (as well as 4,000 worldwide) Papa John’s expects these new additions to be a big hit with its customers!

Papa John’s worldwide popularity was proven last year when it was given its very own (unofficial) day  during the 2012 US elections when the 16th of November was deemed Papa John’s Appreciation Day. The dedication was achieved with the efforts of  a political group in backing of Papa John’s founder John Schatter’s battle against the controversial ‘Obamacare’. The day encouraged everyone to buy an extra pizza in support of Schatter’s political stance.

With all these tasty new pizzas and puddings to try, why not give it a go yourself?! If you’re hungry enough!

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