Papa John’s looks to establish its brand in the Bahamas

International pizza provider, Papa John’s, is looking to establish its brand in the Bahamas and is currently holding franchisee workshops in the area in order to seek out potential business people to fly the flag for the company in the region.

This will be the pizza company’s second bite at the cherry in terms of targeting the pizza takeaway market in the Bahamas after Papa John’s left the region several years ago. However this time around the pizza giant is hoping that by taking time to seek out excellent candidates to promote and carry the brand forward in the Bahamas, this attempt at targeting the market will pay dividends.

The Bahamas is a highly competitive market for takeaways and fast food outlets with a Domino’s Pizza franchise and a Marco’s Pizza franchise already operating successfully, therefore Papa John’s will have their work cut out in order to gain a foothold in the competitive climate.

Papa John’s is currently the third largest pizza company in the world, however the American brand is aiming to leap frog the competition to take ownership of first place, but in order to achieve this end, Papa John’s needs to expand further in the US and also in international markets such as the Bahamas.

The “Better Ingredients Better Pizza” company currently operates in 40 international markets with 37,000 units across the world, however Papa John’s is looking to increase this across the board as it attempts to reach its goal of becoming the world’s largest pizza company.

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