Papa John’s celebrates the opening of its 3000th pizza store in North America

The “Better Ingredients Better Pizza” company, Papa John’s celebrated opening its 3000th store in North America this week with a pizza giveaway and a personal visit from the pizza provider’s founder John Schnatter.

The 3000th Papa John to open its doors in North America is based in Chicago and there was a definite party atmosphere in town to mark the occasion. As well as a visit from the pizza company CEO, professional football players and also community leaders were invited along to celebrate Papa John achieving the milestone.

As a company, Papa John’s pride themselves on supporting the communities they work amongst. So with this in mind, Papa John’s gave away 3,000 free slices of pizza, one for each store opened North America, and also 3,000 canned goods to local charity, Girls Scouts Greater Chicago and North West Indiana.

The pizza company was set up 27 years ago from a bar in Indiana by John Schnatter after leaving college. From its humble beginnings the company has now grown worldwide, with almost 4,000 Papa John’s outlets across the globe in 32 different countries and on 5 separate continents.

In the last year, founder John Schnatter has been on a whistle stop tour of many of his pizza outlets across the world, with the Chicago store opening being the very latest in a string of personal appearances the pizza millionaire has made.

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