Oz cafe serves up locust pizza

A cafe in Australia is offering pizzas topped with locusts

An Australian cafe has come up with an interesting way to help the country rid itself of a recent infestation of locusts. The eatery in the northern Victoria town of Mildura, has started serving up the pests on their pizzas, at the request of the local mayor.

Following recent floods in eastern Australia, the region has become overrun with swarms of locusts which are driving the locals mad.

The mayor of Mildura, Glenn Milne, came up with the idea of using the locust pests as pizza toppings after he walked around the neighbourhood and collected a whole bag full of the creatures which had plastered themselves to vehicles across the town.

Locusts are eaten regularly in Asia after being deep fat fried. As well as topping their pizzas with the insects, the locals in Eastern Australia have also come up with the idea of dipping them in chocolate for a sweet snack.

However pizza lovers shouldn’t be fooled into believing the locust topped pizzas are a healthy alternative. The quick-breeding creatures are full of protein, but also very high in fat. The locusts have a higher fat count than fast food fries, so they are by no means the low calorie alternative to pepperoni and cheese.

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