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cut with a knife or compressed between the fingers. It is
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ably produced by the circulating toxins. This fact of etiology being
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pure lactic acid is applied to the base after the bleeding has been con-
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tion, sedimentation and oxidation before reaching the harbor
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precautions or changes in method, calculated to improve the quality of
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and the Wassermann reaction are negative. The atrophy in the case
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a negro male aged 24 years, had been trampled by a cow at the age of
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Throat Dispensary of Lakeside Hospital; Consulting Oculist to
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siderable and sustained rise in blood-pressure. Large doses at
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prevents the reabsorption of the glomerular secreted fluid. This
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placed here. These have no active syphilis in the sense that
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policy of the factory acts, and did not seek its opportunity to
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temperature. In instances of this kind the patient is allowed to go about,
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Many of the suits were made by the girls in the sewing classes
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The Judicial Council shall investigate also all charges
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licenses to practice physic and surgery. This corporation was
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the attendance at the Academy Meetings as follows : the largest attend-
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pay the penalty and that the nation which first subjects itself
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ftru.t ftrough for „ilking. The gat. I. faat«irf ..a, a w.11 «,
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Noting that very few’ foreign medical schools require
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dto«»ing. " P*™*"" standing. In ril cues the p.in i^
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Shupe ; 3, Presentation of a Case of Grave's Disease in a Negro, by C.
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Department of Commerce and Labor. Bureau of the Census, E. Dana
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producing drugs, ampicillin, a widely used antibiotic,
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nerve cells and their processes are absent and there is infiltration with
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when he is confronted with a disease of the hair or scalp and this little
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hydrochloride) by several children from 19 months i
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M.D., Associate Dean for Medical Education and Director,
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but less successful in passing examinations, are discouraged at
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Mulford Co., Philadelphia (Jour. A. M. A., Feb. 3, 1912, p. 343).
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per cent of alveolar air is increased. This increase can be brought about
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The following protocol of an experiment shows the re-
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Society of the State of New York and sessions devoted
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rubber washer) must be used. The oil must be sterilized in a large-
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emotions cause an augmented secretion from the adrenal
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journed sessions of the House of Delegates. This sched-
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City Hospital he was repeatedly tapped. The red blood corpuscles num-
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bered that such exceptions were only to be expected in the
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pear the full name of each of said physicians, the date of
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A demonstration by Doctor Abbott, of Portland, Maine, of his
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intramuscular injection, thereby allowing a more prolonged and protracted
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tender. The course of the internal saphenous vein in the right leg is pal-