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eases of the ear. Recent polypi are of a soft and spongy consistence,
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chiae were not uncommonly present. It is suggested by Dr. Murchison
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and another in which the second cervical vertebra was dislocated. The
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headache and insomnia are the principal features ; these usually sub-
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theria, whether in a recognised form or not, and children who during
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sensations which females experience at particular periods.
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cease or be reversed through the altered specific gravity of the blood.
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employed during surgical operations, but seldom alone, as its effect
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of the minute structure of the alimentary canal audits various parts, and of
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sition, frequently rather imaginary than actual, which often exists between
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and Surgical Journal, presents some topics (or speculation which may
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system, the presence of toxins in the blood, etc. The most common
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It is hardly possible to fix any particular degree of external tempera-
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Convulsions are noticed sometimes in children, both at the onset
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the room be kept between 60° and 65°. In hot weather the tempera-
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occurrence of furuncles in successive crops is due to reinoculation from
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termo ") is attracted towards solutions of peptone : if it be already in a
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in size of its constituent elements. The two may go hand in hand;
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of which is inoculated with an authentic typhoid bacillus. These should
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and leave sharply-defined defects, or they may lead to extensive peri;
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shoulders, and other joints. By other observers, and in other localities,
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Johannes Mtlller — whose teaching was the spring of the great move-
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additional amount of sleep, for nature will not permit a forced brain to
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by the plasmodium malarias, two kinds of pigments are formed: a pig-
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We have some grounds for suspecting a correlation between chemical con-
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that there is no record in former times of the long series of post-influ-
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(1870), Senator, and many others. It has also been long known that
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yellow fever, dengue, typhus fever, mumps, wlioopiTig-cough, small-pox,
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a day is allowable. Food should be administered warm, to prevent too
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The hemiplegia which occurs now and then in the course of diph-
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rapidly vibrating contact-breaker, an anaesthetic effect can be obtained
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been weaned at the improper age and season, food of difficult digestion,