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Dublin ; upwards of twenty telegraph clerks are suffering from
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a short time by spontaneous dislocation of the hip. About
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S. The Longitudinal Silver-wire Suture. M. L. Harris.
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from the superficial epithelium, and occurs either as a
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among the leaves of the “ Artis Medic® Principes.”
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observers. Senator, in his all too short paper on Arthri-
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[Read in the Section of Surgery, February 23, 1900.]
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meter test or a “tuning fork pressure test.” He
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medicine, so far, it seems unequaled in its power of restorin" the build-
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vaccine preparation, which does not come within the province of this
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weather ; dry cough at night ; or cough with considerable expectoration
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The last paper, presented by Dr. N. W. Rand, was upon
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proficiency in the science and practice of Medicine, Surgery,
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