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" The benefit derived from congelation, in the case of uterine cancer just
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longed for forty-six years, and which was delivered to the world
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can be employed for the examination. It is rapid and more certain in its
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membrano in the nasopharynx of a stillborn child, a draw
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cm. in length. A piece of heavy braided silk was fastened
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verted into thick calcified tubes in nearly their whole length.
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which unless so treated might soon become chronic or incurable.
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The pulse in the morning ranged from 72 to 82 ; in the evening from 81 to 92 ; respiration,
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At the bacteriologic examination, the streptococcus pyogenes
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cal Education, and the discussion that preceded it, as '
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strongly recommends as calculated to insure thorough fixation with less strain
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1896, 374.— Thiroloi.n (J.) S6ro-diagnostic de la fi^ivie
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May, perhaps during the Society’s Annual Meeting . . . Reserve May
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after mid-day meal, when it rises to 99°. There is no
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become interested in some special subject pass this ex-
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Cranial presentations are by far the most numerous of the
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it over the back with a skewer. Now put a long skewer
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The syrup of the iodide of iron is very valuable in many cases, andespeci-
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dilatation may develop. A venous murmur is sometimes audible in the
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inflammation, the disposition of which is to limit itself by con-
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history of hemophilia, and to my surprise I found that
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blood of a dark brown colour with frequent small clots. Its physical signs: In
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dermic of strychnin — the first strychnin she had received during
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degree from the State University of Iowa in 1958. A
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great restlessness ; also known as braxy, affecting sheep in their
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actual want or from some perverse theory of refinement founded on a
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"Everything from the smallest to the largest instrument repaired."
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of pancreatic digestion, were found in them all, as well as
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its object is to cause a separation of the nutritive elements in the
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Austin, Tex., an occasional most welcome contributor to this journal,
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