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If children suffering from the disease are taken into a train,

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dic apparatus. J. Am. M. Ass., Chicago, 1897, xxviii, 99-

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Listerine is extensively prescribed in doses of 10 drops to a teaspoon ful.

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The action of carbonic oxide upon the animal organism

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mation of the bowels and of the lungs, pleurisy, &c. In former days,

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Differential Diagnosis. The more common diseases which are to be con-

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and the axile filament alone makes its way into the cavity.

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i grains of bromide. I repeat this dose in six hours,

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the age of three passed through an attack of measles.

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liquor which moistens the tongue and all the adjacent parts of the

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return of rheumatism. It has been my observation that those

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Royal Hospital for Women ; Member of the Supreme Medical Council and of the