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ere is dulness on percussion, not altogether localised to the position ,f
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eyebrow, so frequently one of the earliest situations for leprosy to
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be in doing so, or what deleterious results are likely to accrue from it ;
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ten minutes afterwards, and removed. In about half an hour there was slight
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prove of as great interest here as in France. He entitles it
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It was quite evident from the findings that, irrespective of the
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weakness of the arterial wall, for one case occurred
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as satisfactory as several others in the market. Whatever
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hawked for presentation about the various schools and uni-
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tractions for a while seemed less violent. In conjunc-
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abundance of good water, and convenient accommodation of
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Messrs. Bouiey and Raynal; and that^ — Our readers may recollect that in 1652 an
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Surgical removal, I consider, should be restricted to the malignant
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rise to independent cancerous nodules in the latter. In other cases the pri-
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and all furniture not absolutely required should be removed. Although
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and in about an hour it was born dead. A compress was placed on, and the
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be, — ^I mean the influence of the nurse ; for I have frequently
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There are some other objections founded on the history of pre-
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tion upwards of three-quarters of a grain. How much was
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the pyloruH for cancer in ever a justifiable operation."
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against ;i single State board of medical examiners iinil in
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cially of bleeding from the hemorrhoidal vessels: so that it is
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2. 40 mEq sodium, bland diet, 6 feedings, for patient with congenital
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{Amer. Jour. Obstet,, July, 1898,) makes a plea for vaginal section,
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practically as strong as ever. The following mixtures were now made: (a) 2
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geons, Chicago, etc. Chicago: E. II. Colegrove & Co., 1895.
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occurred, from pushing up, shortening and shrinking
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but was unable to start the stream at other times until on
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which have been made at Guy's Hospital seem to show that when there are
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The Practical Medicine Series. Edited by G. P. Head, M.D. Vol. VIII.
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suffered intense pain, and his pulse could be felt as a mere thnutd. He had whis-
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is this the case since the failure to pass the United States Senate
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ample holidays at such places before it becomes too late for them. I
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' The reader of the Book of Daniel learns much of the repute of the
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of that side of the face was dark on transillumination.
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mistaken, and blinded by over-zealousness and hopefulness for what
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An experience of more than twenty years, in the practice, preparation, and com-